High Fiber Diet

High Fiber Diet

High Fiber Diet for a Skinny Tummy!


Regular exercise is only one component to getting washboard abs. You must also commit to a healthy and balanced diet. This should be a high fiber diet for maximum results. Many people seem to forget this integral part of the weight loss equation. It’s no wonder more individuals can’t sculpt the stomach of their dreams. It all comes down to considering all the variables and then plugging them into the correct formula. Once you do that, regardless of where you are in the weight loss process – those unwanted pounds will have no choice but to leave your body.


Losing weight isn’t rocket science and getting a flat tummy is easier than you might think. If you’ve attempted to shape your stomach in the past, but gave up due to a lack of results, we are going to break that cycle. Our focus will be directed at 8 fiber rich foods that will propel you towards inevitable success. These popular and tasty foods include apples, strawberries, raspberries, pumpkin, sun-dried tomatoes, sweet potatoes, green beans, and chickpeas. This delicious sampling proves that you can eat delicious foods while still losing weight.



An apple a day will do much more than keep the doctor away. Apples are delicious in addition to being high in fiber. Eating one apple per day will add nearly 6 grams of fiber to your daily consumption. This is for a full size apple which is what most people are purchasing. For women, you should be consuming about 25 grams of fiber each day. Men on the other hand need about 38 grams per day. Most adults fail to hit these numbers and only consume about 15 grams of dietary fiber each day.

One or two apples per day can go a long way to reaching the recommended intake. Each apple will also have less than 50 calories. If all of that wasn’t great enough – apples are a rich source of antioxidants. Most of the antioxidants are within the skin of the apple. So before you peel off the skin and go straight for the apple, consider the extra health benefits you are giving up. Apples can even reduce your risk of developing heart disease. For weight loss and more, apples are a high fiber food you will want to work into your diet.



Strawberries are another delicious fruit that happens to be high in fiber. If you’re still asking what foods are high in fiber, this is a great choice to add to your list. The berry itself contains a significant amount of fiber. The seeds within the strawberry are also rich in fiber. In comparison to other high fiber foods – strawberries are low in calories (as is the case with most fruits and vegetables), but are chock full of carbohydrates. One strawberry will average about four calories per gram in weight.

You can typically eat an entire cup of strawberries, a filling and satisfying snack, but only consume about 50 calories in total. This makes it an attractive option for people trying to lose weight. It’s important to mention that strawberries are high in sugar. If you suffer from diabetes or another medical condition that prohibits you from consuming too much sugar, then you will want to talk with your doctor. Other than that, strawberries are a healthy choice that is also rich in vitamin C. This particular vitamin will even give your immune system a boost. Fresh or frozen, the benefits that come from eating strawberries are the same.



If you’re actively searching for the highest fiber fruit – then you’ll be pleased to know that raspberries are the answer. There is no other fruit in existence that offers more fiber than raspberries. You would need to go back to the mid 1500’s to find the first mention of raspberries. A lot has changed since that time, but not the fact that raspberries are incredibly high in fiber. One cup of raspberries per day will inject about 17 grams of fiber into your system. This is also one of the fiber rich breakfast foods.

If you’re trying to prepare the most important meal of the day, then you might want to add some raspberries to the recipe. Fresh berry coffeecake, berry yogurt, and raspberry pie are three delicious possibilities. Most people will tend to consume a single cup of raspberries at a time. Doing so will only add 60 calories and less than 1 gram in total fat to your diet. If you currently enjoy avocados, then consider swapping them out for raspberries. By doing this you will reduce your calorie intake by 4X and your fat intake by more than 20 grams. This is for one cup of avocados in comparison to raspberries.



Pumpkin is another enjoyable food that provides a healthy dose of fiber. The number of recipes and foods that include pumpkin is numerous. One cup of canned pumpkin will give you 7 grams of fiber. There is an important contrast to make here. If you decide to cook the pumpkin, one cup will yield around 3 grams of fiber. Boiled pumpkin will offer even less with about 2 grams of fiber. It’s critical to keep that in mind when piecing together your diet. If you enjoy pumpkin seeds, and many people do, then you can expect to consume about 1 gram of fiber for every 1 ounce of pumpkin seeds. This is another heart healthy fruit and one that can improve your blood flow if you suffer from diabetes. Burning more calories than you consume is the #1 goal with any weight loss diet. Pumpkin is one of those tasty fruits that will make losing weight even easier.



Sun-dried tomatoes are one of the other high fiber foods on the market. If you are someone who enjoys eating regular tomatoes, then you will probably like the dried version. This type of tomato has little to no moisture within it. These are fully ripe tomatoes that spend a significant amount of time drying up in the sun. 10 grams of sun-dried tomatoes will provide more than 1 gram of fiber. One cup is around 7 grams in total. Some of the other nutritional benefits of these tomatoes are antioxidants and vitamin C. They are also low in salt, fat, and calories which is great for losing weight.

Sweet potatoes are the next high fiber food that shouldn’t be limited to Thanksgiving. This is one of those vegetables you should make a habit of eating all year round. One cup of sweet potatoes will give you about 6 grams of fiber. Some high fiber foods for babies include green beans and chickpeas. These two foods are very appetizing to adults as well. One cup of green beans has only 20 calories and over 4 grams of fiber. Chickpeas or garbanzos beans come in two varieties; canned or cooked. One cup of canned or cooked chickpeas will have 170 calories and 12 grams of fiber!


Check out this list of high fiber foods from Doctor Oz as well!

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